Social Responsibility

At Taurus Group, we willingly take on responsibilities beyond those legally required of us.
We should not forget that a Group like ours, which has undergone significant expansion worldwide, requires a culture of corporate compliance, governed by national and international legislation, as well as by the Company’s internal rules. For this reason, we provide our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and third parties the following information:-


One of Taurus Group’s objectives is to provide the best products and services always based on seriousness and professionalism, following the highest ethical standards.
With this in mind, our Code of Ethics represents an opportunity not only to formalise excellence but also to create a guide of obligatory compliance that addresses the complexities of our internal and external relationships.


At Taurus Group we are committed to transparency and good governance, always open to knowing what is happening within our organisation.
For this purpose, we have implemented a Whistle-Blower Channel, allowing employees, customers, suppliers and third parties to report any potentially irregular or inappropriate activity or conduct that breaches the Code of Ethics and Conduct and/or is a criminal offence, by contacting us at the following address:

All communications will be received and thoroughly and carefully analysed in the strictest confidence, following a detailed protocol based on best practices, with a commitment to provide a response and rigorous treatment.