The Taurus Group invests €4M in a new 15,000 m2 operations centre and consolidates its logistics hub to supply the European market


This strategy forms part of its international expansion plan, where over 70% of sales come from outside Spain.

The new logistics centre, located in Oliana (Spain), is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and will double current storage capacity. 

The Group’s spokespersons announced the investment together with the Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge, Ramon Tremosa, who visited the Taurus Group facilities in Oliana today.


22nd January, 2021. Taurus Group starts construction of a new 15,000 m2 operations centre in Oliana (Alt Urgell, Spain) that will be added to the current 20,000 m2. With an investment of €4M, the group strengthens its international strategy and consolidates Oliana as a Logistics Hub to supply the European market. Its start-up will boost the economy and employment within the region.


This expansion of the logistics centre effectively doubles current storage capacity to reach 48,000 pallets, allowing it to manage more than 1,000 different products from brands such as Taurus, Solac, Black+Decker™, Mycook, Casals and Minimoka. Within the Company’s Industry 4.0 plan, this new logistics centre will be equipped with a self-managed Artificial Intelligence system, which will monitor all references via radio frequency and on-line control systems to maximize efficiency throughout the distribution chain process. The company expects the new centre to be operational before the end of this year.


Today the Group’s spokespersons announced the investment to create this Logistics Hub, together with the Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge, Ramon Tremosa, who was visiting the company’s facilities in Oliana. “The expansion of the Taurus plant in Oliana is a sign of Catalonia’s business strength and vitality”, Tremosa declared. The minister was very positive about how sectors such as small household appliances have been evolving, citing Taurus as an example, both for its size and for the expansion projects it has planned.


Clear commitment to internationalisation


The Taurus Group is an international company, with over 70% of its sales coming from its subsidiaries, both in emerging markets such as Mexico, India, South Africa, Peru or Morocco, as well as from European markets, where it has consolidated subsidiaries in France, Italy and Portugal.


Within this internationalisation plan, at the end of 2020, the company established a subsidiary in Germany and this year it plans to increase its presence in Eastern European countries by opening a subsidiary in Poland.  In France the Taurus-Alpatec brand is one of the leading companies in air treatment, and the recent acquisition of Supra France makes it a major player in the biomass heating market.


Innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Connectivity


Oliana is also home to the company’s main R+D centre, developing a large number of patents and innovations, such as the Mycook smart food processor, which incorporates the most advanced connectivity technologies. The launch of a new version is planned for this year, featuring major innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence and connectivity (IoT).