In view of the COVID-19 crisis, the Taurus Group has entered into health care to provide innovative solutions

Taurus Healthcare Division came about with the aim of offering the best technology to address needs posed by the current situation.

Massive Purity: professional UV-C lamps developed by the Company’s R&D department, the best disinfection system to achieve safe virus and bacteria free spaces.

By means of this new division, the Taurus Group incorporates the area of health care within its commitment to care for people.

With 60 years of experience in the household appliance, kitchenware and DIY sectors, the Taurus Group has entered the area of health care through the Taurus Healthcare Division, a new business unit that was created with the aim of developing innovative solutions to tackle the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

By mid-March, the global health emergency caused by coronavirus completely changed people’s lives and the way they interact with each other. Faced with this new reality and shift in priorities, the Taurus Group decided that it was the right time play its part in this emergency health situation and become actively involved in the fight against this, until then, unknown disease. To achieve this, R+D teams of the Group’s subsidiaries put themselves at the service of research, development and the manufacture of professional products with the aim of finding solutions to the challenges that the world today faces.

Taurus Healthcare Division came into existence in the midst of this health pandemic, continuing with the company’s goal to offer society innovative, quality products. This new division extends the Group’s activity into the professional health care sector at a unique point in time that demands the involvement of all sectors.

“At Taurus, we had long been thinking about ​​developing a new division that would go deeper into the field of health care at a professional level.  For quite some time, our catalogue of small household appliances included products related to personal health and well-being, such as blood pressure monitors or scales that measure body fat and water percentages, as a few examples, or purifiers that remove harmful particles from the air we breathe. The current pandemic and its consequences have acted as a catalyst for this idea to ​​provide solutions to new health challenges ”,  says Enric Tria, Taurus Group Managing Director for Europe.

Since the beginning of the crisis, Tria points out that  “while we were taking all the necessary measures to safeguard the health of our employees and the financial health of our company, a myriad of initiatives were put forward to minimise the devastating effects of the global health crisis.  From donating products for hospitals and Public Health organisations to launching public awareness campaigns.  Likewise, multidisciplinary teams were set up among our subsidiaries to develop medical equipment, such as “open source” ventilators to help alleviate the current shortage with this type of device or PPE for everyday use or work”.

After months of intense work, Taurus Healthcare Division launches its first range of “Massive Purity”, professional disinfection and sanitization products, entirely designed and manufactured in Spain to counteract coronavirus and offer safe, virus and bacteria free spaces.

Some of the projects promoted by this new division within the company include Massive Purity UV-C disinfection lamps, Real Shield safety face shield and the development of an emergency ventilator that will be made available to the public to help in fight against the pandemic. 

“Our R+D teams were already familiar with the germicidal effect of UV-C light, so they got to work developing professional equipment that would be affordable for many businesses. This is how “Massive Purity” came about, which is only just the beginning of a new business commitment and service to the community, and from which we expect significant present and future advances for the Taurus Group”, explains the Managing Director in relation to the new business model.

Massive Purity UV-C disinfection lamps

Massive Purity lamps are designed to be the best portable disinfection system to guarantee safe surfaces and coronavirus-free spaces, such as medical practices, hotels, public transport, offices or sports facilities, as well as other shared closed spaces. They allow large areas to be treated in brief periods of time, and that can be reused immediately after disinfection, providing a safe, healthy environment for users and customers.

The scientific community have shown that broad-spectrum ultraviolet light is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses by destroying the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together, preventing them from replicating. Within these parameters, Taurus Healthcare has developed disinfection lamps capable of producing a maximum wavelength at 254 nanometers, the most effective point to kill off viruses found in the environment. 

This technology, manufactured in Spain and endorsed by the Eurecat highly resistant pathogen elimination technology centre, is being used in various places around the world, such as New York or Shanghai, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in public spaces.

The disinfection lamps guarantee safety to individuals during their use, because in addition to a delayed start, they are also equipped with motion detectors that automatically stop operation in the event someone accidentally enters the area being treated. In addition, the company provides a personalised advisory service to offer each customer the most suitable solution based on individual characteristics and needs.

Open source emergency ventilators

The new Taurus Group division has managed to design and develop an open source emergency ventilator based on the MIT model, which incorporates electronic monitoring and control systems to ensure the respiratory rate.

The Group united its R+D teams from Mexico, Spain and China, along with various innovation companies and scientific experts in order to shape this prototype, making it possible to start live tests and which, according to the experts, could be manufactured in about 60 days with an investment of $1,000 per unit.

The project will be put into the public domain for those companies or institutions interested in manufacturing it, and thereby contributing to the demand for emergency ventilators should new outbreaks of COVID-19 occur. The model can be downloaded from the website